Maniquiz Family Logo: From Joseph Maniquis (M7)  Book
The Maniquiz logo is a pentagon to signify the 5 original brothers, Dionisio,   Alejandro, Miguel, Santiago and Agustin. Within the pentagon is the signature of an old Maniquiz member super imposed on the middle section of the Philippine national flag. Old documents show that early members of the Maniquiz clan used to write their surname as MANIQ'Z.The signature of Severino Maniquiz, a former cabeza de barangay appeared as such on the 1894 nominating   papers of a cousin, Lucio, for Capitan Municipal or Gobernadorcillo. The 1730 date is the year believed to be the time when Carlos Agustin Maniquiz arrived in Mission San Bartolome (now Tartaro, San Miguel, Bulacan) in the company of Augustinian missionaries. This logo was presented at the 2nd general reunion of the Maniquiz Family on June 7, 1998 at the Holiday Mansion Resort, Tartaro, San Miguel, Bulacan.